Silence your doorbell whenever and wherever you want

…and receive notifications on your mobile device when people push your doorbell button.


Set a do-not-disturb schedule on your doorbell so that your doorbell does not ring in the late evening or wee hours of the morning.

Mobile Notifications

Whenever your doorbell button is pushed you have the option to receive a notification on your mobile device. Receive this anywhere you have a data signal.

Quick off Settings

Quickly and easily silence your doorbell for a a duration of 1, 2, 3, or 8 hours. Perfect for naps… And who doesn’t love naps?

Nobell Doorbell Mobile App

The App

Whether you own the nobell device or not you can download the nobell application from the app store or the google play store to evaluate the following features:


Mobile notifications – Turn on or off mobile notifications on your smart device.

Timestamps – View the date and time of all the past doorbell button pushes.

On / Off – Turn your doorbell on or off on demand.

Do not disturb – Schedule your doorbell to only operate (ring) during set periods. Basically a day by day ‘do not disturb’ setting for your doorbell.

Quick silence – Silence your doorbell for temporary intervals for times that you want a little extra peace and quiet.


(coming soon)


(coming soon)


The nobell device

Simple, elegant, and inexpensive. The nobell device enables the full functionality of the nobell application. STAY INFORMED to know when you can get yours.

Capacitive Touch button – Touch or swipe for access. Sound familiar?

One piece assembly – Super simple. no assembly required (well, besides screwing it to the wall).

Inherently theft deterrent – Not an easy task to steal.

Connects to WiFi – 802.11 a/g compliant. Pretty standard, really.

Branded for your purpose (optional) – Contact to ask about putting your logo here.


(coming soon)


The nobell installs in minutes, with little to no knowledge of electrical work. Simply turn off your breaker, remove your old button, screw the nobell to the wall in it’s place, attach the loose wires, and snap it in. Voila!



New Home Builders

For a low cost and high compatibility with the general public, leave a lasting impression on every home your company builds. Contact to inquire or learn more here.

Parents of young children

Sleeping children can be woken by doorbells going off during unwanted times. Schedule your doorbell with nobell to avoid this issue. Learn more here.

People with barking dogs

By replacing this ring with a mobile notification that doesn’t send your dog into a frenzy, users can avoid this stress and awkwardness when answering the door. Learn more here.

Person's with disabilities

The doorbell going off can be a challenging situation for persons with disabilities. By providing the notification through the person’s mobile device, the situation may be more comfortable. 

Backyard enthusiasts

For the people that spend large amounts of time in the backyard but aren’t able to hear if someone is actually out front ringing the doorbell. 

Small business operators

Constant deliveries and customers will be arriving at the door. A traditional doorbell going off throughout the day could be disruptive to other persons in your home. Simply get a notification on your app with nobell.

Support Nobell Doorbell on Kickstarter


Fall 2016

Manufacture pilot project units for home builder.

Fall 2016

Kickstarter project begins

Spring 2017

Beta units installed in pilot project homes. Customer experience and satisfaction evaluated.

Spring 2017

Full scale production of the nobell begins

Summer/Fall 2017

nobell’s delivered to Kickstarter backers.


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